Meet Our Team

As you can imagine, it requires a unique set of skills and many years of industry experience to create a website auditing tool with such sophisticated features. Our team is very proud of their work and are dedicated to improving the audit tool on an ongoing basis. So we think it's only appropriate that we share the names behind this audit tool. Here they are...

Leighton Kuchel Senior developer
Leighton is the programming genius behind the audit tool. Leighton's hard work has enabled the tool to be fast and easy to use. Leighton has used a combination of technologies, including Bootstrap for responsiveness, Polymer for interactive effects and Jquery for instant page to page navigation.

Daniel Wirjoprawiro Technology adviser
Throughout the planning and development phase, Daniel's oversight and advice has been invaluable for our team to achieve an effective outcome. Daniel's many years of experience with online systems and new start-ups has contributed to the success of the auditing tool.

Sean Brown
General manager
As general manager, Sean brings a high level marketing and sales perspective to the table. This provides the necessary oversight to ensure the marketing and results of the audit tool meet our expectations.

Sheldyn Dixon
Project coordinator
Sheldyn is responsible for the planning and roll out of this project, coordinating the team's efforts for a unified and successful outcome.

Daid Tait
Online marketing specialist
David is our online marketing specialist who is responsible for the execution and tracking of the audit tool's online marketing campaign. If you found this website via Google, then you've already experienced David's handy work.

David Patullo Online marketing specialist
David is one of our online marketing specialists who tailors reports for users of our tool. David's years of experience in online marketing arena ensure that the tailored report is packed full of great advice and effective marketing strategies.

Joshua Cocks
Online marketing specialist
Josh is also one of our online marketing specialists. He tailors reports for users of our audit tool. Josh ensures that the reports sent back to our users are thorough and customised to their specific situation.

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